230kV Substation Expansion Project for No. 2 Bridge in Koh Kong, Cambodia Completion and Operation
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Koh Kong No. 2 bridge 230kV substation expansion project in section I substation installation project of 230kV power transmission/ transformation phase II EPC project (part I of Eastern ring network) for Cambodia State Grid was officially connected to the grid at 20:50 (local time) on May 20, 2021.

The project is one of the China Heavy Machinery overseas substation equipment installation projects undertaken by Chengdu Heavy Machinery, which is the specific demonstration of Chengdu Heavy Machinery in fulfilling the coordinated development strategy of "research, industry and trade" & giving full play to advantages in the field of engineering installation, and of SINOMACH-HE in further improving overseas general contracting industrial chains. The completion and operation of the project represented the end of substation installation project in section I of Eastern ring network phase II, which provided sufficient power to northeast Cambodia, directly re-installed & upgraded old power facilities in Cambodia, provided good power facility guarantee for further development of local economy, and demonstrated a business card on the continuous development of Cambodian markets for SINOMACH-HE.
Since this year, the company has carried out in-depth study and education on party history. Party members of overseas projects have taken the study & education on party history as the "whetstone" to adhere to their original missions. Cadres' "power source" of entrepreneurship has been stimulated, and they shall turn learning results into the strong driving force to promote their work. During the whole construction process of the Project, the leading & exemplary role of party members was brought into full play, and problems were promptly found & solved. Upon close cooperation with construction staff, difficulties of tight schedule, heavy tasks, hot weather at dry season, COVID-19, etc. were overcome. According to standards of drawings and specific requirements of owners, process quality and safety production were strictly controlled. After more than three months of unremitting efforts, the installation of the Project has been completed with high quality.
At present, other substation installation projects in Cambodia are in orderly progress. Project Department shall continuously carry out study & education on party history, adhere to epidemic prevention & control and project construction, and strive to contribute to high-quality development for the company.

(Correspondent: Wu Wenjun)