Chengdu Heavy Machinery Signed the 600 tons Bearing Seat Manufacturing Contract with SMS
2021-11-15  Source:  [Big] [Medium] [Small]

 Recently, Chengdu Heavy Machinery successfully signed the 600 tons bearing seat manufacturing contract for two key projects of JSPL and JVML of SMS. The contract is for another cooperation with SMS after three years. The successful signing of this project is the specific practice of Chengdu Heavy Machinery in earnestly performing "going global" to promote Erzhong products.

Chengdu Heavy Machinery attached great importance to preparatory work for the bidding of the project. The project team carefully ordered project information, formulated bidding plan and continued to follow up project progress. The Operation Management Department of the company guided the project team to conduct on-site investigation on relevant suppliers, and carefully reviewed the contract on key factors such as project profit, quality and construction period, ensuring that contract operation risks are controllable. The successful signing of the contract fully proved that the business team of Chengdu Heavy Machinery has strong international market exploring ability and can always fulfill the responsibility & mission of "going global" to promote Erzhong products.

In recent years, Chengdu Heavy Machinery has earnestly implemented the mission of "going global" to promote Erzhong products, given full play to advantages of the coordination of "research, industry and trade" of SINOMACH-HE, and made use of the manufacturing capacity of EHEC and commercial capability of Chengdu Heavy Machinery, to jointly provide customers with all-round international production-marketing integrated services. The successful signing of this contract has laid a solid foundation for further deepening the cooperation with SMS and better performing the "going global" to promote Erzhong products.

(Correspondent: Liu Dahai)